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Heat Pump Cleaning and Service
Serving Halifax, dartmouth and HRM

Regular Deep Cleaning of Your Heat Pump is Important

Dirt, dust and mould will build up over time. This will reduce the efficiency of your heat pump AND seriously impact the quality of your air. Too many people neglect to have this done, so protect your investment and your family's health. Clean your filter regularly, and have a professional, deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months.


This unit was only 2 years old but used very frequently. Dust, allergens, and mould are all present in this picture after only 2 years. A dirty heat pump can emit foul odors, toss dirt onto the floor, cause water leakage and freezing coils while using A/C and in some cases sore throat and headache's in people with sensitive respiratory systems.

Also, Dirt build up on the fan wheel can cause pre-mature wear on the fan motor and bearings do to being off balance from debris sticking to it and restricts air flow passing through the unit.


This same unit freshly cleaned is free of all foreign materials, returned to a like new condition and back to full efficiency.

It takes roughly one hour per unit to bring it back to this state and is very important to the longevity and efficiency of your internal components.

I have cleaned units up to and exceeding 7 years old before it's first deep cleaning, no matter how long it's been it can be brought back to near new condition through a thorough cleaning.

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